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The Klippon® Connect application products — custom-fit solutions for recurring applications

Lower cost – higher productivity

As a pioneer in connectivity solutions, we are familiar with panel building requirements – and constantly strive to come up with new solutions that enable you to make your processes more productive and more efficient. With our new application products for repeat panel applications, we have once again come up with a pioneering solution which contributes significantly towards increased flexibility and simpler processes, thus offering you unbeatable advantages. You’ll benefit from more efficient panel planning and rapid installation, as well as simpler maintenance and testing processes during operation. By perfectly tailoring our products and services to the requirements of your particular application, your work steps become notably more productive.

From individual applications to overall success

Tailor-made, custom-fit solutions for defined fields of application: an innovation that makes panel production noticeably easier. The holistic approach of Klippon® Connect combines product range, software and service offerings. As such, you not only benefit from productivity advantages in planning and designing individual panel applications – but throughout the entire life-cycle.

Find out for yourself about the advantages in each individual panel building step

Complexity simplified

Innovative Klippon® Connect application products for control voltage distribution

Electrical energy from the power supply is distributed to downstream consumers in control circuits. Often a daunting number of conductors have to be wired in a very reduced space. This makes handling a challenge and can quickly result in incorrect wiring and, in turn, substantial additional costs.

Our tailored AAP potential distribution terminal blocks and the maxGUARD modular system, with built-in electronic load monitoring offer the ideal solution for surge current protection and clear, structured power distribution within control voltage circuits. This innovative combination of load monitoring and electrical distribution saves time during installation, reduces space requirements and increases reliability.

With the AAP potential distribution terminal blocks, you can construct complete and compact control voltage distribution systems very simply. This can be achieved on an individual basis, with and without fuse protection.


  • Customised control voltage distribution both with and without fuse protection.
  • Modular system with two cross-connection channels can be combined to create a clear block solution
  • Coloured pushers to differentiate the potential prevent incorrect wiring and reduce time and cost
  • Easier maintenance and modification tasks by clearly assigning and marking the contact points
  • Alternating design with two potentials on a single terminal results in enormous space savings
  • PUSH IN technology for substantial time savings and flexibility during the installation
  • Quick and unproblematic exchange of fuses in the case of APP with fusing, by simply unscrewing and opening the fuse holder

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  • The unique combination of electronic load monitoring and potential distribution gives up to 50 % space savings.
  • Broad spectrum of single- and multi-channel versions
  • Simple access to all voltage potentials and load circuits.
  • Operation is possible in any mounting position without derating.
  • Flexibility when it comes to the type of marking
  • Uniform test point for simple checking and testing processes during operation
  • Disconnecting levers facilitate the galvanic isolation of the load circuit for the purposes of testing and checking

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Wire initiator and actuator signals within a minimal space

With Klippon® Connect application products for signal wiring

The degree of automation in machinery and plant engineering is constantly increasing. As the number of sensors used to monitor production processes increases, so too the need for higher signal processing rates. This calls for structured panel installations.

Our application products for the signal wiring (AIO) are already geared to future signal volumes in automation. Our products resolve the challenge of wiring the large number of signals in a clear way by means of an extremely high wiring density with multiple potentials on a single terminal. In this way you can effectively and safely distribute potential by through-looping signals to the IO system.


  • Time-saving through consistent checking and testing point on every contact point
  • Optimum flexibility thanks to solutions for 2-, 3- or 4-wire sensors or for actuators with and without protective earth connection
  • High wiring density with up to four different potentials on a single terminal with just 3.5mm width
  • PUSH IN technology ensures time-saving wiring and simple handling
  • The various potentials can be differentiated from each other easily, quickly and reliably thanks to coloured pushers

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Secure motor connection in a confined space

With Klippon® Connect application products for power distribution

Confined space and increasing level of automation: Requirements for terminal blocks and distribution blocks are continually on the increase in the area of power distribution. Particularly when it comes to the connection of motors, the limited space available in the panel is a challenge. The unique, three-level design of the new Klippon® Connect motor connection terminal blocks AMC make it possible to achieve a secure connection, even in a confined space. The pluggable, vertical cross-connection facilitates connection across the individual levels. In this way, the motor-connection terminal blocks represent a flexible and space-saving power distribution solution and can even be used as an alternative for potential distribution.


  • A single 5.1mm terminal block for three potentials and a PE connector, thanks to the multi-level wiring.
  • Quick and space-saving potential distribution thanks to PUSH IN connection technology
  • Can be deployed at up to 800V thanks to integrated end plate
  • Clear layout thanks to unique identification and different marking options
  • Simple maintenance and trouble-shooting thanks to integrated check and test options at each level

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